There is More Than One Way To Sell Your Bexar County Home!

Yes, you can always try to list it, but more and more people are realizing the value of selling your home directly! A direct sale means you won’t have to deal with any commissions, agents, fees or repairs! There is no cost to sell to us… we are direct buyers, ready to make you a great offer now! You can learn more about how we do it here! →

If you have been thinking about selling your home, don;t do anything else until you get our offer! There is no obligation… know what your options are before you bind yourself to an agent! There is never any risk or obligation. And we will never hassle you about a sale. Let us make you an offer and you will have the option to take it or leave it, it’s that simple! You’ve got nothing to lose, give us a call now! (210) 693-1533

We have helped people all over Bexar County who were dealing with all sorts of difficult situations. We have helped by making the selling of their house go as quickly and as easily as possible. Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You are going through a divorce, and would rather sell quickly than have the process drag on and on.
  • You fell behind on payments and the bank is starting the foreclosure proceedings.
  • There are liens against your property that have made it “unsellable.”
  • There are more repairs needed on the home than you can make.
  • You are tired of paying hefty property taxes on a home you no longer wish to own.
  • You received a bad inheritance and don’t want to put money into fixing it up.
  • You need to move quickly for work and cannot swing two mortgages.
  • There are bad tenants in the home and you are tired of the headaches and endless repairs.
  • You have tried listing the home in the past without any luck.
  • You would simply prefer selling without the hassles or costs of a traditional listing!  

You can leave all the hassles and headaches behind and sell your house the fast and simple way! We can help you save money and lower your stress levels! You don;t have to deal with a burdensome property any longer! We are ready to take it off your hands, while still paying you a great price! Let us help you sell a home you thought you were stuck with! You don’t have to pay utilities, insurance or high property taxes any longer! Give us a call now! (210) 693-1533 

We Are Ready To Buy Your Bexar County House Today!

If you sell directly, you will not be waiting on banks and red-tape. We have the cash in hand, and can close quickly! We work fast and efficiently so you can put your focus on other areas of your life! Learn more about our process here →

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Anchored Sunshine, LLC is buying homes right now in Bexar County! We want to make you an all-cash offer now and put cash in your pocket today! Give us a call now, and get a great offer by tomorrow! You could sell your home free and clear, for a great price, within 7 days! Imagine what selling your home could do for you financially! You don’t have anything to lose!  Call or submit your information now!